Architectural Findings

Architectural findings discovered during the excavations going on at the west of the Yenikapı excavations area, called 100 parcels located in the 2nd Area and the 3rd Area east of that region put forth important data about Istanbul’s history. Intertwined architectural findings which belong to different periods stretching from 4th century to 13th century were revealed at the excavations done at the 100 parcels. The most important ruin/remmant that was detected in this area was a 51 meter long and 4.20 meter wide wall made out of connective dimension stones plastered with Khorasan mortar. Another important ruin/remmant in the area was a 11 meters section detected vaulted structure. Also, it was understood that breakwater and stone docks and two rows of parallel wooden posts stretching for 43 meters were found directly in front of these stones belong to a pier which was an addition to the dock. Also in this area, a hypoge dating back to the 11th century and wall remains from the II. Theodosius Period were acquired. When all of these were evaluated together, it was understood that 100 parcels was on the shore of the land side of the Harbor. Unmovable cultural assets found in this area were announced “area to be preserved and made use of as an archaeological park” by the concerned/relevant regional preservation committee. While preservation oriented project works were continued, top of the area was covered in accordance with the concerned/relevant units’ expert report.
On the east side of the excavation area, more than 25 wooden pier remnants and two stone dock remnants were found. Stone docks in the north-south direction were dated back to the AC 8th century. Also at the top layers this area Byzantine Period Church dating back to 12th-13th century was discovered which was built with the harbor joining the land. 23 graves were found in their original state near the ruins of the church which was built with three naves. This church remains were documented and moved in order to be rebuilt with the decision of regional preservation committee.