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It wouldn’t be wrong if said that a Byzantine ship cemetery was found under Yenikapı; the best evidence are the 37 shipwrecks acquired throughout the years after the discovery… The riddle of Yenikapı shipwrecks reveals it’s secret as the researches continue. Interdisciplinary studies run by ancient ship experts educated by our Istanbul University team enables long forgotten ship building traditions to be acknowledged again. Our team that will be examining the anatomy of 27 shipwrecks is the group which took the biggest responsibility in the field after Istanbul Archaeological Museums who was in charge of the excavations. The number of shipwreck that are going to be reborn after conservation and restoration is 31.

In the meantime our team excavated 27 shipwrecks with completing all documentation work.

At the laboratory built within the scope of “Department of Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects” within Istanbul University, a diligent team of academic members, research associates of the department and undergraduate-graduate students of our University continue intensive scientific research on the shipwrecks.

Our biggest dream is publishing each shipwreck studied as a post-graduate or doctoral thesis as soon as possible to bring them together with the scientific community and the public, and bring the shipwrecks in a condition that could be displayed at a museum.

Endless thanks to everyone who supported us in our efforts…

Prof. Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş – Project Director

Istanbul University
Division of Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects

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