France Paris Exhibiton 2010

From Byzantium to Istanbul: A Port of Two Continents

An exhibition titled “From Byzantium to Istanbul: One Port For Two Continents” opened at the “Grand Palais” from October 9, 2009 until January 25, 2010 within the “Turkey Season in France” with over 400 projects between the dates of  June 1,  2009 –March 31, 2010. Findings of the Theodosius Harbour from the Marmaray-Metro Excavations were displayed abroad for the first time. Neolithic human settlements at the Yenikapı Station Excavations of the Marmaray Project was studied by experts from Istanbul Archaeological Museum were published for the first time. 

Yenikapı Theodosius Harbour was found with the Marmaray-Metro salvage excavations at the Historical Peninsula and evidences of daily life are also displayed for the first time. A 7 meter long photo-mosaic image and findings of YK 12; which is found inside the harbor and studied by Istanbul University’s team, was displayed in a special exhibition hall.