Yenikapi 12 Shipwreck is at Marmaray Yenikapi Station

The mysterious underwater journey of Yenikapı 12, that sank in A.D. 9th century at the Harbour of Theodosius, continues on a glass sea at the Yenikapı Station.

During the Yenikapı Marmaray excavations, Yenikapı 12 was found with its amphoras and at the opening of Yenikapı Station on 29 October 2013, it appeared as an in situ reconstruction. A model of Yenikapı 12 shipwreck is displayed on blue glass pieces which were constructed on an art panel in the light of 3 dimensional drawings and photo-mosaics made by Istanbul University’s team.

According to scientific studies conducted by the Istanbul University Yenikapı Shipwrecks Project; the shipwreck is a small coastal trade ship and its original size is calculated to be 9,60 meter long and 2,60 meter wide.  It’s moved by lateen sail rigging and controlled with two quarter rudder. Yenikapı 12 built with the mixed construction method which is vital because it represents an important step of change of technology in Mediterranean ship building history. The shipwreck’s building technique and reconstruction was studied by Asst. Prof. Işıl Özsait-Kocabaş from the Istanbul University Yenikapı team and it is planned to build a real size reconstruction. Studies for the full scale reconstruction will start in June 2014.